Claire Storey patchwork knitwear

Knitwear, especially traditionally patterned and ugly 80´s sweaters can be cut up and combined to create a knitted patchwork statement piece. This is what Claire Storey did for her graduating collection. Dazed And Confused Magazine is also very enthusiastic about this new ecologically conscious designer talent. The Westminster BA graduate uses second-hand materials to construct a ruffian cacophony of clashing prints, textures and tones. “I love mixing patterns and colour,” she explains. “I don’t think there’s a combination that shouldn’t go together. You can make the craziest designs out of what you find in charity shops.” The result is a collection of oversized patch-work cardigans, coats and overalls that I think even Anna Piaggi would have worn. Usually graduates look up internships at major fashion houses like Givenchy or McQueen, but Claire did hers at Traid, which is a charity organization that fights poverty by collecting, distributing and selling second-hand clothes across the UK. Storey also interned with couture designer Nicholas Oakwell, and happily admits that she had never previously understood the “glamorous side of fashion.” Oakwell gave her a lesson in sartorial sustainability, “the importance of executing something beautifully and making it desirable, not just throwaway. I wish Claire all the best on her career and looking forward to seeing her future creations. 

The fashion world needs more designers like her.

See the video, Claire´s bit begins at 13:35.

Top photo: AMY GWATKIN. Other photos: Westmisterfashion.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. This is really gorgeous work!
    I bet it takes a lot of time and handwork to make these pieces!

    La Kat

  2. Really cool trend!
    But I'll just keep it with knitted scarfs ;)

    x fashialies