Hearbreak Hotel - OutsaPop Trashion book photoshoot

Photos: Mikko Rasila

Location, location, location... It makes the whole ambiance of the editorial. For this shoot we were supposed to get a hotel room, but it seems Friday is a popular day for hotel bookings and we had no luck.. But then my book AD sent me some images of a place she had visited a couple of weeks earlier - an old mental hospital in Helsinki called Lapinlahti. It´s been closed for couple of years now so wall papers had come down and it just looked perfectly decadent but very romantic at the same time. I also found it to be so funny to have the entire book crew checked in at a mental hospital for a day. This book process will be a stressful time and a huge project to all of us and I´m very happy if we make it through with out any of us losing our minds over it.. The location turned out to be more than perfect. Mikko had a brilliant idea to use a piece of nude pantyhose wrapped around the lence to get this dreamlike feel to the photos (all you see here are unphotoshopped). 

All the editorials are shot now. For the next weeks I´ll be writing tutorial texts like a mad man. Just to make my print deadline. For you guys I´m affraid this means less blog posts, but I´ll be back when this book is done.

Photos: Mikko Rasila
Model: Hanna
Make-up: Iris Lindholm
Styling / Clothes: OutsaPop Trashion

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. wow looks amazing

  2. Great photos! Can't wait for the book. Apologies if you've mentioned recently -- when will it be available for purchase for US residents like me?

  3. The book will come out in mid October, but in Finnish only. I´m still trying to find out a book agent or publisher from the UK or US so I can have it translated.. If you know any, please tell me so I can contact them :)