DIY army surplus refashion competition!


I have teamed up with Varusteleka For Women to bring you a refashioning competition, open for everyone and anyone. This is your mission, to refashion and customize the über manly camo patterned BW service shirt. The bad news is that it it a butt ugly shirt, but the good news is that it is cheap! Buy one or 20. You can order your materials via Varusteleka or buy them at your local army surplus shop.

I love to use mass in my projects so I really recommend looking for options to cut these up and build them to something new, an evening gown for example. Think outside the box. What could it be? A cape, jacket, vest, romper, dress, skirt..? Dye, cut, rip, spray, stud, chain, print, add lace / leather / denim, what ever! Show them what you´re made off.

I will be judging the competition with Varusteleka, so if you want to do something to my liking, look up everything I´ve ever posted about shirts. We will choose the winner and you guys will get to pick the runner-up. The winner will receive a feature in my blog and a 100 euro and 50 euro gift card to Varusteleka online shop. Perfect opportunity for you guys to get your hand on some rare Finnish and Swedish army surplus that you can´t find in most US army shops!

To enter, take a few pictures of your project (could be about styling, tutorial steps of the making of phases, details and an overall picture of someone wearing the piece) and send a picture of your entry project to this e-mail: roni(a) All entries must be sent by August 22nd. The winner will be chosen by the end of August and you´ll have a week to vote for your favorite project.

For inspiration - Military styled collections:
Junya Watanabe - Paris Fall 2006
Junya Watanabe - Paris Spring 2006
Junya Watanabe - Paris Fall 2010
Burberry Prorsum - London Fall 2010

For styling ideas, look up my Pinterest on army surplus styling.

Good luck!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I would really like to participate, but I'm not sure how long it will took them to ship in Croatia :/

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  2. This is really innovative!! If I have time I would love to do this contest!!

  3. V. e-ail them and ask. If it is not possible I a similar army service shirt is acceptable. Preferably camo printed. I´m sure you can find some second hand. Just send me a picture of it by mail and I´ll approve of it!! :D

  4. Awesome idea! I hope to be able to enter this contest, I don't know how much will it take for my order to arrive, but this is so exciting!!