This is the way to do it!



Shredded and asymmetrically cut underswear slip top.


Window in a t-shirt. If this version is too bold for you, wear the cut in the back.


Tattooed and shaved.


Write it down.


Leather patches on denim.


DIY Fringe hem t-shirt.


DIY Feather decorated second hand leather bag.


DIY multicolor tie dye denim shorts.


DIY Flower fabric applieques on denim.


DIY fascinators from toys spraypainted black.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I've started to wonder how to wash all these diy-items with all chains and leather on them. Especially leather attachments on a t-shrit that requires to washed quite often. Is the only option to take them to a laundry?

  2. I´ve had jeans before with leather pieces on them (really soft leather) and they came out fine in water wash. Of course they need to be glued and edges sewn on really well if you plan to wash them and do not wash them as often as regular cotton jeans. With tees I have no personal experience, but I would wear a top underneath, so you only need to take them out to fresh air occationally.

    Water washing is not the only option for refrehing jeans. You can clean them also in the freezer!

    But maybe the safest way is to test this first to be sure. Glue and sew a piece of leather to a denim or jersey piece and see how it comes out in wash :)

  3. yeah!

    I made an investigation on my jeans and, surprise, many of them have labels made of leather that are completely unharmed even the jeans have started to wear out. :D