ODD COUTURE by Poola Kataryna

Poola Kataryna Odd Couture jersey macrame tunic 1

I´m always thrilled to discover new Finnish fashion talent, especially if the designer has a green philosophy. Introducing Poola Kataryna. Poola's design timeless, oddly beautiful and locally & ethically manufactured products. The inspiration comes from living in Finland between Scandinavia and Russia and from mixing modern Scandinavian design heritage and decorative Slavic culture. "Poola Kataryna products are designed for those who love bicycle adventures on midsummer nights, weird daydreams and having a cup of tea in a bubble bath." Can you make it sound any more better than that?

Her collection called Odd Couture is my favorite. All the garments are made of macrame knotted 100% cotton jersey (handmade in Helsinki, Finland). The material is leftover from textile industry which is a material I think more designers with sustainable intrests should explore. Macrame is a craft technique that was popular in the 70´s but has regained popularity in the last years (more in fashion than in interior decor) due to the rise of new wave hippy chic trends. Even with the association to hippy crafts, Poola makes her clothes look modern and clean stylingwise. That just proves how versitile her collection and macrame technique is when the material is upgraded to today.

Poola Kataryna Odd Couture jersey macrame dress
Poola Kataryna Odd Couture jersey macrame tunic 2
Poola Kataryna Odd Couture jersey macrame necklace belt
Poola Kataryna Odd Couture jersey macrame dress 2

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  1. this is so beautiful and inspiring!

  2. I love this collection. Macrame is totally cool and I think it was a great idea that she used the "left overs" to make it. Applaud to her!

  3. Love the macrame. And the cool photography.

  4. making patterns out of fabric is wonderful.