Rainbow babies

DI$COUNT t-shirt 1

The DI$COUNT chicks are opening a web shop this week! Finally. I´d love to buy some of their customized radness. These t-shirts are just a taste of what´s coming. Vintage print tees with tie dye coloring, safetypins and other DI$COUNT styled details. DIY or buy.

Even though I´m not a huge fan of super colorful tie dye, these rainbow babies are creeping into my style and wardrobe as they are an essential part of the new wave hippie trend. Maybe I should make myself a few but take them one step further and unravel the back... Ohh yesssss.

DI$COUNT t-shirt 2
DI$COUNT t-shirt 3
DI$COUNT t-shirt 4
DI$COUNT t-shirt 5

Via DI$COUNT and Noir XXX.

Noir XXX thai tie dye t-shirts 1
Noir XXX thai tie dye t-shirts 3
Noir XXX thai tie dye t-shirts 2

Outi Les Pyy

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  2. Loving the funkyness! I'm also jealous of her awesome hair!

  3. They are so twisted!

  4. haha, amazing ideas for a diy project. love it ;)