Tokyolux 2

Anyone in need of some serious candy-colored-girly-pastel-my-little-pony-couture-punk-dress-up inspiration?? Yeah me neither, but this shit's off the hook! Say bye bye to black. This is so over the top sugar coated fluff that you just have to like it. I give you Tokyolux. Oh man.. I wish I had found blogs like this when I was 18... All we had back them was first generation MTV and fucking Ace Of Base.

Thanks to Tokyolux I´ll be shitting rainbows for a week after this. And loving it.

Tokyolux 10
Tokyolux 7
Tokyolux 8
Tokyolux 3
Tokyolux 9
Tokyolux 5
Tokyolux 4
Tokyolux 1

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Holy Fudge cakes! Psychedelic fashion! I just love all your inspirational posts, please never stop! Check me out sometime ;)!

  2. OMG who is the girl on the last picture? she is wonderful!!! <3 where you have found the photo!