Leftovers vest by Kaia at RiotMode 3

Leftovers vest by Kaia at RiotMode:

"Everytime I have fabric leftovers, I have this huge urge of using it all. All I needed was regular blue denim and black denim which I got from Jonathan`s shirt & vest leftovers. I thought a vest would be fine, since denim is perfect for it and I didn`t had enough for a jacket… lol. The vest has a weird asymmetric shape on the back, I didn`t want it to be too rigid so that worked for me."

Fantastic job! I want to make one for myself also. For a more lightweight version you can use only denim shirts and regular mens suit shirts. The pattern is basically a regtangle piece with arm holes cut out.

Leftovers vest by Kaia at RiotMode 2
Leftovers vest by Kaia at RiotMode 1

Outi Les Pyy

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