Steampunk fashon part 2 - the gear

Haruo Suekichi watches at Steampunk Lab

The biggest name in steampunk timepieces is Haruo Suekichi. His work just leaves me speachless. If his creations are out of your price-range, Etsy is an exellent place to find steampunk accessories (mostly just for women) hats, spats, gloves and jewelry. The level craftmanship is amazing with these steampunk-crafters. Steampunk Gear Group in Flickr offers great inspiration. As a seamstress I have no idea how to work with metal (exept maybe how to glue it..) so I´m very happy to find so many crafters that do. Etsy Supplies also offers loads of watch parts and other metal knick knacks that you can purchase for your own projects.

Vintage watch parts available at

Steampunk ray gun by Xevian13

Photo by Amanda Scrivener.

Watch movement earrings by

DIY Steampunk umbrella by

Steampunk glasses by

Goggles by J.Mars Design

Steampunk rings by Catherinette Rings

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. You have put an astonishing amount of research into these steam punk posts. Thank you for making it easy for us to find the best of the best. Your blog is always one of my top go to places for inspiration.

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  3. This are some incredible piece, very interesting.