I made it to HEL LOOKS!

I´m officially stylish (at least according to some people). Or maybe just an intresting dresser. I was strolling down Mannerheimintie last Friday in Helsinki when a girl asked to take my photo... It was to be published in Hel Looks streetfashion blog. YEY! That so made my day. A silly grin, but what can you do. I was camera-surprised!

Outi (30)
"My look today is a kind of 80's–meets–an–art teacher–art critic. I love men's clothes like this jacket. I love shoulder paddings and clothes that are out of proportion, too small or too big. I make and customize clothes myself. I think people should make more things themselves. Agyness Deyn is my style role model. She has a cool style."

Jacket: UFF secondhand
Knit: UFF secondhand
Jeans: Diesel Matic
Sneakers: Diesel
Bowler hat: Diesel Black Gold
Bag: secondhand, bought from Stockholm

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I THOUGHT that was you. Congratulations!
    Hel-Looks is one of my favorite sites.

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