Recycled belt design by Inghua Ting

TING is a small company that produces luxury products to sustainable, ethical principles. Inghua Ting established the company in 2000. Following her graduation from the Royal College of Art, Inghua worked in Japan developing innovative, futuristic fabrics. However, working at the forefront of fabric technology led her to considering sustainable issues, and the challenge of designing and producing a desirable, luxury product from recycled materials. Inspired by old leather belts, reclaimed seat belts, old braces, vintage leather saddles, salvaged fabrics and tie silks.

Car seatbelt cushion and vintage belt floormat, via Available at Branch Home

Ting produces three main collections: a range of luxury leather bags, belts and wallets; home and interior accessories and Orange Label, a range of bags made from seat belts. Belts, Bags, Wallets are crafted from vegetable tanned leathers and vintage leather belts. They are lined with bright vintage fabrics, tie silks and corduroys and have belt buckle fastenings.

Ting shoulderbag and coinpouch available from EcoBTQ.

Ting belt camera bag available from Ecocentric.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i've just been 'redirected' here from stylebubble...glad to discover this blog. i love the idea behind your work!

  2. hello!! i came to your blog from susie bubble.. i am in love with you.

    i love love love love your recycled ties idea. i never really thought of it!! many people use ties to make like a boring skirt and it looks like some high school project, but the way you recycle and make the ties into fashion, is really inspiring!!

    i have also always loved junya watanabe and always told myself to make one of those zipper dresses but never got around to it.

    but now i am extremely inspired from your blog and i want to do so many things!! thank you so much for your tutorials. i will be pouring over them and when i make something nice, i will definitely show them to you.

    i've bookmarked you and will come back for more!! i'm such a fan!!! :)