DIY design for narcoleptics

I have a habit of snoozing daily. In the bus, car or sometimes even in my workplace. Call it slightly narcoleptic, my husband calls it "blond thingking".. I never thought I´d find DIY projects or gift ideas for narcoleptics, but I did! Downstairs Studio is a Canada based company that draws inspiration from the everyday things around us. They also share my liking to add humor to their products. These Pilo pilo’s are designed to be worn as rings so when you lean your face on your hand it will have someplace soft to rest. How practical and confy is that! The perfect gift for a snoozing student. (I also love their idea of using shower caps as bicycle rain seatcovers.)

Joo Youn Paek is the designer of The Pillowig. A groovy design that allows you to doze off where ever. Love it. I´m so making this for the bus.

Via Bientot Demain blog.

Outi Les Pyy

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