My favorite clothes reconstructions

I noticed that I have not introduced these reconstructions to you earlier in my blog. I made these in April-May 2006. Glancing at these projects later have given me a lot of inspiration to start new ones. I know now that I have found MY THING through recycling fashion and customizing clothes. You can find all of these reconstructions and more in my Flickr gallery. CLICK HERE.

Making skirt out of a pair of jeans... Not very original, but these jeans used to be my husbands workjeans, for painting and such. They were filled with gorgeous paint stains and other crap that would not come off in the wash. Fantastic treatment, I thought! Really original and unique! So I made them into a shirt and gave my husband an another pair to wear. :) Good deal. Since these, I have collected so many pairs of paintstained denims from fleamarkets and from my husbands work collegues. At the moment I´m making my first paintstained denim-bags. I will post images of them when thry´re done. Sky´s the limit with this material.

I bought three narrow (1cm wide) belts from the flea market. I bound them together with some left over curtain rings. Simple and did not require any sewing! Plus I can take this apart any time I feel like if I need the rigs or belts for something else.

I found a crochet table cloth from the flea market. I coloured it black (it came out dark navy) and sewed it on my old H&M black satin dress bought in 96´. This is still my favorite evening dress. Timeless I think.

Outi Les Pyy

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