Discarded to Devine denim wedding dress

I´ve seen a few denim wedding dresses browsing through the net, but they all have looked sort of funny in light blue... Then I stumbled upon this... A natural white dress reconstruckted from old jeans and bleached to natural white.. Stunning.

See Flickr user St Vincent de Paul Society SF (San Francisco) Discarded To Divine 06 Set. This set had some amazing trashion dresses and jackets all made from reconstructing old clothes including ths denim wedding dress.

Discarded to Devine is a recycled clothing design competition hosted annually by this charity organization. Unfortunatly the 2008 entries have closed on January 31st but the designs will be displayed in various locations in the San Francisco area. They will be auctioned at the end of April.

More than 100 one-of-a-kind stunning fashions and accessories created by student and professional designers were auctioned in the Discarded to Divine 2007 event to benefit the Vincentian Help Desk, a place where the poor and homeless can “shop” for a fresh change of clothes in a safe, respectful environment, free of charge. See the event images HERE.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Oh my word! That bleached denim dress is incredible. Amazing construction.
    Love your new banner ;)

  2. Amazing wedding dress, unique design!

  3. Fabulous, amazing, incredible... BEAUTIFUL! Love the wedding dress. So nice and unique! Thanks for sharing.

    leticia (from Spain)