Patchwork denim

Denim is by far my favorite material to work with. It is easy to find from thrift stores and secondhand shops + it usually does not cost much. It is also pretty easy to sew and theredore a very good material to start with if you are a novice customizer.

I´m currently working on two bags that I have created from worn out denim pieces. Patchwork technique allows you to use even the smallest pieces from your craft fabric collections so it is very ecological. I will post the images (and tutorial) of the bags when they are finished but in the meantime here are some of my favorite denim patchwork projects by other crafty trashionistas and my inspiration book.

The technique is simple. Arrange the denim pieces on to the paper patterns and sew together. There really are no rules! The denim pieces can be of different colors, they can have raw edges and as much freehand over stitching that you can possibly think of. Cut of extra fabric, but remember to leave allowences. Sew together according to the models instructions. The seams make the pieces a bit stiff, but this technique works well on bags, jackets and home textiles.

Patchwork denim jacket by E.Patzig

This fab bag is made by (room#15)from southern califolnia

This lovely denim teddy was made by suzysu sparkles

Denim covered armchair by Mattia Bonetti

Outi Les Pyy

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