featured my inspiration book, one of my favorite indie fashion blogs, featured my inspiration books on their website (compete article HERE)!! My "painter´s denim" page will also be featured in their new DIY CITY Mag in the February issue. The magazine is mainly for artists from the NYC area (I´m from Finland) so I´m super happy and honored to contribute to this new release. Thank You Wendy and Deb!

Inspiration scrapbooks became a necesity for me when my fashion magazine piles hit the livingroom sealing. My husband threatend to throw them all out so I had to come up with something more compact for my ideas. Scrapbooks are a very good way to pass time and for me it feels like therapy :) I´m able to organize my clippings by theme or material. I also use them as reference a lot of times. Pictures just say so much more than words... I have usually two inspiration books with me all the time. They are perfect reading in busses and cafes. I believe that inspiration should always be shared. I could never have enough time to do all the ideas from my books so I have decided to upload the in to the www for all the world to read. The large images also show the details a lot better than in real life. I hope people enjoy browsing them and possibly find ideas for their own projects.

DIYthing will be lauching a new magazine on Februry 14th called DIY CITY MAG. The first issue will feature over 70 artists - and countless shops in NYC where you can find DIY supplies. A must-read for all creafters visiting the Big Apple.

Outi Les Pyy

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