DIY CITY the magazine

It is finally out, the new DIY CITY magazine! This 245 page first issue is mostly about indie DIY artists, shops and brands located in the NYC area. I love the fact that this magazine is thick as a phone book and it will propably take me a couple of days to browse it through. I´ve been waiting a very long time for a complite DIY artist index like DIYCITYmag since as a turist in NYC it´s really hard to find all the cool craft shops. I´m so looking forward to going to the Big Apple now.

I was honored to be one of the few European artist featured on two pages of DIYCITYmag. First Eco-Remix: Inspiration Painters denim and second Pigment & Paper: Inspiration Rock jewellry.

DIY City mag is available in three formats - here on the magazine homepage, in flash version and also in PDF. The PDF version costs $5 but then you are able to print it out - that way if you are looking for some of your favorite shops in town you will have a handy reference. Just send an e-mail ( and they will arrange a download for you. I´m definately ordering a copy for myself!

If you are intrested in hooking up with some creative DIY people check out and sign in to DIYCITY community.

Outi Les Pyy

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