Preen FW2004 collection

Preen made fantastic reconstructed knits and shirt dresses in their Fall 2004 collection. I think this label is a very good example of a brand that does not get much press coverage, but is very important for a self-making fashionista.

I thought you should see at least the shirt collar dress, which again proves my point of "large quantities make art". Buy a lot (estimated 30-50) of recycled men´s shirts, preferrably in a certain color sceme and cut out the shoulder/collar area. Then sew them on a simple spagetti strap dress, which you propably have in your closet but have not used since 99`. Your dress is finished and it propably took you only one afternoon! If you want to make it look even more festive, just use secondhand satin ladies shirts instead. The sewing does not need to be fancy because the new layer of collars always covers the other one...

Another idea is to take three or four recycled basic men´s knits, cut them apart and them reconstruct them together on a dummy to make your new "fankenstein" knit. Just be carefull when cutting your knit that you do not stretch the pieces. The loops might begin to unravle. But I´m all for trashy looking stuff! You can always darn them together later to make your knit even more trashion.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Found your site through City - great to find other people who combines DIY to fashion design.

    Love the collar dresses! Yet another new idea I haven't seen before and a really great one. The only "bad" thing is that it takes quite a while to collect all the shirts... especially if you want them to be good quality (I proove only good quality old materials) and to have matching colours... It also takes quite a while to run thru fleamarkets to find all the right materials etc. etc. - No wonder design is a lifestyle :D

  2. True. But that´s just the thing with trashion DIY projects - the materials can´t be found overnight. I have made a lot of friend by the local secondhand stores so when I need large quantities of something, they will help me dig them up :D Many of my projects are "in progress" for months until I find the right materials. But I think the search just makes me appreciate the result even more, because you have put so many hours into it.