Collections that inspire me

I thought it was time to share more collections which I find still to be very inspiring. The first is Christopher Kane 2007 Summer collection. I think the way he has combined fluo colors and lace is genious. Also the use of D-rings and ribbon. I see this kind of clothing created from those awful 80´s aerobic-suits, secondhand corsets + all your left over laceribbons, shoelaces and curtainrings. There is basically no wrong way to combine colors or material in this theme. 80´s lurex + lace + glitter fabrics + any colored lace ribbons.

I was so inspired by this collection that I made a dress by using a secondhand corset, metres of neoyellow 80´s elastic waistband and recycled street workmen´s fluovests for the base. The details are made from a roll of lace ribbon that I had been in my craft supply closet for years + some left over curtain rings. The result was quite Nu-rave, I think.

Here´s a picture of my finished dress but also some pics of Kane SS2007 collection. See the entire collection at

Outi Les Pyy

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