Fusing plastic bags into knitwear

Fusing plastic bags into fabric is not the only way to use this material. Ironing ready-cut forms straight to the fabric (or knitwear in this case) proved to be a very fast and cool looking effect! I noticed some plastics melted onto the paper and not the knit. Test before starting which plastic is best.

You need plastic bags, scissors, one sheet of non-sticky oven-paper and smooth surfaced knit. Test if the plastic is suitable for this kind of work before starting. I tested 8 different bags before finding the best one. Here´s how it was done.

Step 1.:Cut the form from the plastic bag. Here I used two layers of plastic.

Step 2.: place the plastic form on the right size of the knit. Do not put any needles!

Step 3.: Place oven paper on top (non-sticky baking paper).

Step 4.: Hold iron on top for about 20 seconds (disconnect steam). No need to press the iron. Check the paper once a while to make sure it does not burn.

Step 5.: Remove over-paper carefully.

Outi Les Pyy

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