Best in Helsinki 2007 - Best Trashionista

City is a Helsinki area magazine for young city people. They choose "The best of Helsinki" every year. I made it to this years issue + their awards gala on next Wednesday. Hmmm. What am I going to wear?!?

The story:
The best trashionista (= fashion from trash)
Outi Pyy works in a normal office by day but on her spare time she is a fashion anarkist. She loves things that other people concider trash and ugly and she believes that we all can be "our own fashion designers". "All items can be re-invented. You can make buttons from Legos, totebags from pillowcases, keychains into earrings.. and so on." Last spring Outi, who studied to be a seamstress, got a chance to make two trashion dresses into a fashion show. The other one was made from 60 ties and the other one from street worker´s glowvests.

At the moment she is intrested in making something new from umbrella fabric, painter´s smudgy overalls´ and videotape. "You are able to dye, embroider and do different kinds of worn-treatments and change the model by sewing. I love the fact that your wardrobe can change when your style changes - it has an evolution."

Before Outi thought she was alone with her recycle-fashion-ideas, but now she has found her DIY-tribe. She is one of the founding members of Trashion Nation group in Flickr and she writes her own Trashionista blog. Her motivation is spreading the recycled fashion filosophy. The idea is to make something fab and then show to everyone what you have done and tell how you did it so others can do it for themselves.

"The Finnish DIY-scene need more punk-attitude. Crafts and recycling are still thought to be something grannys do, because most the ideas and patterns of Finnish craft and sewing magazines are the same as in the 70´s. I have more ideas that I have time to make so I´ll share the extras to everyone else in the web."

See the article at website HERE

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Brilliant. Congratulations! Love to see what you'll be wearing.