My trashion idol - Mr. Martin Margiela

I have always found Martin Margiela´s work (see Margiela "Artisanal" collections) very inspirational. He takes everyday objects and transforms them into fashinating artistic garments. I also love that they describe on Margiela´s website what these items used to be, how the item was constructed and how much time was used.

Maison Martin Margiela Artisal collections items are all remodelled by hand. A long sleeve jacket is cut from a zipped nylon travel garment bag. The fabric and all details of these bags are used to construct this jacket. Its lining is used to create the jacket sleeves. The original piping, catches, hooks, zips and handle are all maintained on the finished article. The bag's shoulder strap is now the jacket's belt. Jacket made in 53 hours.

Ski gloves are used as the raw material to create a blouson with or without sleeves. Over dyed in dark colours the gloves are unstitched and laid flat so that all original detailing may remain intact and they may be assembled directly on a black cotton base prepared on a tailor's dummy. Two inserted pockets are added to the front of each blouson. Jacket = 103 hours

This white suit just looks so much more cooler with the neclace made from sunglasses.

Dress made from painting canvases.

Outi Les Pyy

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