Punks did it well

Buying and wearing a sleeveless factory-distressed denim jacket with some studs on it don´t make you punk. If you DIY´d the thing and put some serious blood, sweat, tears and effort into it, that´s punk. Wearing it with pride even though you might be the only one who thinks it looks cool is punk. This article on Not Just A Label pretty much highlights the reasons why I´m so strongly influenced and inspired by this era in fashion. Trashion is my punk.

"Punk was trash culture gone avant-garde and/or the avant-garde gone trash, and just as Dada had tried to destroy the institution of art, so the punks seemed bent on destroying the very institution of fashion." (Elizabeth Wilson, Bohemians: The Glamorous Outcasts)

The early 1960's punk movement was about questioning societies standards and the concept of normality, about anti-materialism and creating a unique look for yourself regardless to your income level. It made you stand out from the masses. It was far from pretty in a traditional sense of beauty. It was about expressing your personality in the rawest form through music, arts and fashion. It was about letting people be who they were. DIY fashion was a crucial part in this movement as it was the only way to make it happen. The British clothing stores sold only garments that did not have any holes or controversial slogans written on them. In short, punk was never just about getting drunk in mohawks and studded jackets. It was a revolution of the young mind towards equality and excepting difference in society. Basically like hippies (that were in the US) but hair facing the other direction.

Photos: Pinterest "punk" board.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. It's so weird then you think, how many things are called punk and has nothing in common and reflects none of it even visually. Same thing with grunge, or maybe with everything nowadays.