Outi Pyy for gTIE

Last week I had the pleasure of being one of Finnish neckwear company gTIE´s models. It was a black and white portrait in which Jenni Ahtiainen, the designer for gTIE, styled some of her accessories and jewelry to fit our daily style. The pictures turned out great! I think I found a whole new side of me and she does not wear that much makeup. Not just accessories for men.

Jenni gave me a discount code for her webshop. To get a 20% discount on all products online use code outiforgtie when you placing your order. gTIE pop up shop (December 13-15) is at Frenn menswear shop, Unioninkatu 27, Kiseleff, Helsinki. The promocode works also there and is valid until the end of December.

Photos: Mikko Rasila / Mikko Rasila blog
hair & make up: Mariela Sarkima
Accossories and jewelry: gTIE by Jenni Ahtiainen
Clothes: models own

gTIE in Facebook.


Outi Les Pyy

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