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I rarely complain about stuff here on my blog. I just don´t often see the point of it as it spreads negativity. But after considering this a long time, I have to write, and complain about the following subject - Facebook fan page reach. If you follow/like my Facebook page, please read the following through. If not, and you have no desire in doing so, you can skip this post.

When I started my Facebook page three years ago, I noticed that I got a lot of fans quickly. It was great as I could also use another social media channel to post about stuff that I found interesting, not just tell people about a new blog post. Facebook fan page updates were quick for me to write when I did not have the time to do an entire post for the blog. Really handy especially when I was buzy doing my Trashion book. It also made it really easy for my readers to share and comment on posts they found interesting as many of us spend a lot of time facebooking.

I know that after I started my Finnish blog Outi Les Pyy, some of the Facebook page content is only in Finnish and for Finns. You, my English readers might find it annoying because you cannot understand the language. But I try to keep the focus on clear images, so even though you can´t read it, you could at least see it and figure the idea out through the images.

But then I made a mistake. I had seen ads for paying for even more visibility, so I could also reach the friends of my fans and I decided to try it. BIG mistake. The one month payed visibility trial resulted in just as much visibility as I payed for, but for me did nothing for the amount of likes and clicks. I was happy. This told me that my readers cannot be bought. They are independent thinkers and if I want to reach more, I have to come up with better and more interesting content. Paying for visibility does not work for trashion.

I didn´t even realize my mistake until a couple of months later when I noticed that many of my Facebook posts got a lot less "shows" than before. At the time I had about 3000 fans. Earlier, the shows were something between 500 to 2000 per post depending on how many people liked it and shared it. Today, with over 4800 fans, I get maybe 50-300 shows on an average Facebook post. And I can´t do anyhing about it! I tried a few times to post about this to my Facebook page, that fans would realize they are missing out on a lot of stuff. Many replied that this post had been the first they´d seen in months and thought I had just been doing nothing. This made me so frustrated. I`m posting things almost daily.

After investigating the issue, I found out that Facebook is decreasing reach on purpose. According to AdAge, Facebook said, “We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time…” And a Facebook spokesperson said, “the best way to get your stuff seen if you’re a business is to pay for it.” Right... I get this if you are a big business with a marketing budget, but what about if you are just a blogger who wants to share eco fashion tips and DIY tutorials? They don´t see the difference. This means you may not receive my content anymore via the Facebook page because it doesn’t make sense for me to pay Facebook to send you updates on DIY fashion.

Well, this is the situation for now. If you are interested in seeing more stuff from my Facebook page, please be sure to check that you have "show in news feed" and "get notifications" clicked on. If you have some comments on the issue, please share them below or write to me. I´m working really hard to keep this blog and Facebook page active and would love to hear your feedback. Thank You!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I totally understand! I own a small businesses (brick and motor!) and I noticed this as well. What a bunch of a-holes. Earlier this year we did a giveaway and when you shared our daily giveaway related posts they earned another entry into the giveaway. Well, we got 'to many' shares according to facebook. They tried to strong arm us into paying them for it. I know still doesn't make since to me.

  2. I had no idea at all about this. I am guessing that "shows" are the information you have about how many times a post of yours is seen.

    Anyway, Thank you for reaching out and thank you for sharing the things you do about sustainable fashion as well as your own work. I'm sorry that FB does this. : (

  3. So, true, this sucks so bad, I launched my facebook page for my blog few months ago and I even likes grew quite nicely, my post are being seen by less and less my people, seemingly. It makes no sense, since people liked my blogs fcb just because they want to keep up with my blog. Anyway, as I worked on other fcb page (managed fcb for one newspaper) and I had to post approx 4 -6 posts a day and create at least one photo album a week, also updated cover and main photos regularly- it worked quite properly and the amount of people who saw content was reasonable.
    It quite unfair, since pages that post a little amount of content should be shown first- I think.