Trash Magazine (FIN)

Yey! Finally Finland has their own magazine for sustainable design. It is called Trash Magazine and it looks goooood. Trash Magazine is made for optimists - people who believe the world can be changed through design. Focusing on new sustainable design, the strongly visual Trash Magazine shows you designers and thinkers that have the green attitude but also who refuse to crate ugly or unfunctional things. This annual magazine can also be bought from book shops, but it can also be read online (as should all magazines wanting to be green). Trash is published both in Finnish and English so go check it out!

Also read more about Open publication  and free publishing here. Maybe start your own online fashion magazine?

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Great idea! Unfortunately the idea of trash(ion?) is not popular in my coutry :| Sad. I'm trying to change that.


  2. Sadly, I can't read Finnish *cry*

  3. Sparkle. The magazine has both texts, English and Finnish. :)