Flow painting


A few weeks ago we had the biggest music festival in Helsinki called FLOW. Seriously, if you´re coming to town make sure you come when this party happening. It is c r a z y. This year I mostly hung out at Diesel Garage where my friends were playing kick ass sounds and I saw pretty much everyone I know. But my point is not to tell you about the party, but to show you some of the Rodarte and tribal inspired bodypainting that we did for the festival. The tribal paintings were done with a liquid eyeliner pen and the larger surfaced bodypaintings with face paints and a paint brush.

 Pictures by Dorit Salutskij and Mikko Rasila.

  DSC_7150 flow-diesel-garage-13 flow-diesel-garage-4 DSC_7255 DSC_7257 DSC_7256 DSC_7642 DSC_7646 DSC_7347 DSC_7637

Inspiratin was taken from Rodarte Summer 2010 catwalk show make-up and various tribal tattoos.

  Rodarte-NYFW-1 nyfwss10_mactattoo002 Rodarte käsimeikit 8 calipsoshoulder_20chest300_large african tribal woman.jpg.at.ashx african-tribal-tattoo-designs1 rodarte-tattoo Picture 4 Picture 3 Latest-Maori-Tattoo-2011-for-Girls maoritattoo008 tattoo neck tumblr_lir2ykdRwT1qc9dbio1_500

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. These are all beautiful!! What a great job you and your friends did, love the first few photos. I might have to start eyelining outside of the box for more casual events...