One Vintage

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One Vintage is a collection of one-off, exquisite garments reworked from vintage dresses, fabrics and trims. The pieces are designed and crafted instore by designer Marcelle Symons and her team of specialist seamstresses. One Vintage has a loyal following, and is best known for it’s sell-out success on Net-A-Porter. This is what re-fashion should look like. I´m no hippie, but I could wear anything they have.

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One Vintage beaded top.jpg_effected
One Vintage banner
One Vintage fur gilet.jpg_effected
One Vintage lame dress.jpg_effected
One Vintage shawl coat.jpg_effected
One Vintage_gold_rings_necklace.jpg_effected
One Vintage fringe vest.jpg_effected

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. You should check out Aftur, they also make clothes out of vintage ones
    I think you might like it :)

  2. the sheer chiffon made me come up with my lace nails DIY
    check it out !

  3. Hmm..ei pysty arvostaa vintagevaatteiden silpomista :/ Ellei kyseessä ole sinällään käyttökelvottoman vaatteen hyvödyntäminen uudessa muodossa.