Textile resin furniture

Discarded second hand clothes not fit for sale should not be baled up and sold to the third world as "humanitarian aid". I don´t see the selling as aid as textile recycle companies just disguise moving waste out of the country as a charity. This is what you should make of them, resin furniture. I would love to see them displayed at public places like parks, shopping centers (pun intended) and cafes. It would remind people about their consumption habits.

From Treehugger, "Defying expectations of what mere clothing can do, German designer Tobias Juretzek combines recycled clothing with resin to make his unique and sturdy "Rememberme" chairs, each chair is made of 13 pounds of clothing that's soaked in resin and then pressed into a mold, resulting in the final form."

I love stories.

Photos via Architechlines.

Outi Les Pyy

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