DIY interior wall art

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Did you know that you can do your own wallpapers to your home? Or just decorate the wall with a temporary self made paper mural or huge wall poster? YES YES YES. I visited a friends house the other day and she had done a wall decor from bird prints. Here´s a couple of options on what to do and how to do it.

DIY paper wall collage by Tinttu Henttonen.

Apartment Therapy recommends using ModPodge for permanent wall collages. I´d use double sided tape or Spray Mount for non-permanent wall art. Take inspiration from scrap booking and collage technique. It does not always have to be flowers and birds, but look up the imaginary that speaks to you. For me it probably would be nudes, tattoos, bats and anatomy images.

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Inspiration from Lanvin kids line campaign.

You can buy digital collage sheets on and

Tiger wallpaper via Design Sponge.

The wall does not necessarily need to be covered full in wall paper. If you prefer a less covering treatment, try silhouettes. Hardware stores and interior shops usually sell left over rolls of wall papers or give away samples. Gather up a couple of rolls or scraps with a matching color scheme. The pattern is not important. Sketch up the design and cut it from the wall paper. If the animal and botanical patterns look too childish for you, try something geometrical for a more cleaner adult like look. For inspiration check out the wallpaper silhouettes by Dutch designer Inke Heiland and patchwork wall papering by Lushome.

Photos via Lushome.

Photos via Inke Heiland blog.

The Rasterbator (yes.. the name sounds a bit dirty :P) in an online software that you can use to create and print (pdf to paper) huge images to your walls. What does “rasterbate” mean? Tiled printing. It’s the process where you take one photo and print it across several pages, i.e. the “tiles”. Ordinarily this is very difficult to do with photo software, but this is stupidly easy and it´s free. You just need the printer. Or if you don´t have one, just save the file to a memory stick and take it to a print shop. See inspiration here.

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Mini Penny bought this readymade printed flower wall mural and attached it with double sided tape. You can do the same by creating the image collage yourself in Photoshop and then printing it out with Rasterbator.

Cross stitch and needlepoint patterns look great when they are blown up out of proportion and painted on the wall. Suits anyone with a crafty spirit and understanding old fashioned granny aesthetics. See works of Eline Pellinkhof for inspiration. If free hand painting is not your thing, create an X-stamp for the paint.

You can use pretty much anything for wall art. Fresh flowers for example.

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Outi Les Pyy

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