Paloni NYC - photo shoot

Dress by Olav, Minnie hat by Fiona Timantti.

Here are some sneak peaks from our Paloni NYC photo shoot. The artist loft we shot is was amazing. after our shoot got delayed to 7pm we ended up in the middle of a stand up comedy show. You can´t see it from the pictures, but they are doing their show just a few feet from us. Only separated by a thin curtain. "Funny germans" they called us as nobody could figure out the language we were speaking in. 

Can´t wait for the pictures.

Photos: Maria Baranova
Model: Stephanie Wardi / Fondi
Hair & Make-up: Yenni-K
Location: Charlotte´s Soho artist loft
Crocheted maxi skirt and union jack knit OutsaPop Trashion.

Dress by Ainokainen.

Dress by Vilmava.

Outi Les Pyy

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