Paloni NYC - Fighting Nemo

Everything was going so well.. Ivana Helsinki Fashion Week after party was a blast on Thursday and we got the teaser Paloni NYC pop-up shop  (Ivana Helsinki Store, 251 Elizabeth Street, Nolita/Soho) built fine. But our project took a hold yesterday when blizzard Nemo hit New York. For a Finn a couple of inches of snow is nothing but to a new yorker it seems to be everything. The city just shuts down.. We could not get any furniture delivered to Ivana Helsinki store on Friday so we took all evening sorting and pricing products at our HQ at Soho. That apartment place is amazing. Four rooms and a stage. The owner hosts the occasionally stand up comedy evenings and now she saved our sorry butts for letting us crash there for the evening. Lets see what happens today and tomorrow with the show. Wish us luck. The pop-up shop should be up and running Monday morning and opening party Wednesday evening. DJ Fiona Timantti will be playing, so come check it out and meet some of our designers. I will also be there.

This is what is has been looking like so far.


Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Congrats! I think the difference in perspective is funny -- yes, blizzardapocalypse 2013 in the US is probably nothing in Finland. So glad you are having a great trip and such talent is getting a spotlight. Have fun on 13th! Wish I could be there.