Paloni brings 37 Finnish designers to New York

Lady Gaga wearing head piece by Fiona Timatti.

Sorry for the radio silence folks! I thought my life would normalize after the trashion book is done, but oh no. I quit my day job as visual merchandiser at Diesel and started doing trashion full time!! I have so many things going on at the moment but this is my next project....

"Paloni brings 37 Finnish designers' fashion and design to New York"

The Helsinki-based creative concept store Paloni brings Finnish fashion and design to New York during the fashion week. The Paloni pop-up store will bring on show the latest fashion and design from 37 up-and-coming Finnish designers, representing 27 fashion and design brands. Paloni's New York store will be set up within another Finnish fashion store, Ivana Helsinki (251 Elizabeth Street, Nolita/Soho). It will be open from 11 to 28 February, hosting customer evenings, fashion shows and cocktail parties.

I will be traveling there with some sample pieces of new designs I´ve been working on. Pictures coming soon! I will be designing the pop-up shop set up and also merchandise it. So cool to be able to use my experience from working 13 years in fashion, finally helping out upcoming designers and eco brands!

Paloni is a shop in Helsinki, Finland specialized in handcrafted pieces from independent designers. Paloni tells the story of each of its products to the customer - Paloni's price tags include information of who designed and made that specific item, where and why. This is a part of the shops policy for transparency in design and production. The name of the store - the Finnish word for "my passison" - describes the driving force behind Paloni's designers' work. Currently Paloni represents a total of 80 independent designers from across the globe, but the New York project aims at presenting Finnish know-how.

Check out the Facebook event.
Hope to see you guys there!

Black lace dress by Ainokainen / Netta Kervinen.

Olav / Jussi Salminen.

Scarf by MUKAVA / Anna Mattelmäki & Emilia Kiialainen.

Dress by Dead Birds & Lionheart / Maria Jokela & Anni Niemi.

Shirt dresses by First Crush / Mari Himmanen.

Refashioned army jacket by Vietto / Minna Kaartinen.

Dining ware by Sarita Koivukoski.

VILMAVA / Vilma Riitijoki.

Dress by SIPILÄ / Linda Sipilä

The New York pop-up store will display the following Finnish brands by the following designers:

Ainokainen / Netta Kervinen
Dead Birds & Lionheart / Maria Jokela & Anni Niemi
First Crush / Mari Himmanen
Kaino / Sanni Salonen & Niina Sinisalo
MUKA VA / Anna Mattelmäki & Emilia Kiialainen
Olav / Jussi Salminen
POGOSTICK failure / Emmi Korhonen & Minna Rytkönen
TAUKO / Mila Moisio & Kaisa Rissanen
Second Chance / Maija Nuppula
SIPILÄ / Linda Sipilä
Vietto / Minna Kaartinen
VILMAVA / Vilma Riitijoki

Balabin Art & Design / Nikolai & Melitina Balabin
Beloved / Päivi & Janne Brunou
Ideakoru / Maarit Naakka
Mari & Arrow / Janita Aro & Mari Salmela
Lempiväri / Elli Hukka
TOHONO / Anna Talvi & Nadia Kuu
2. Elämä / Yuan Long & Jaime De Vizcaya

Emmi Malmström shoes / Emmi Malmström
Fiona Timantti hats / Fiona Timantti
Humbugi Accessories / Anni Jokinen
RARA shoes / Veera Tuominen

Molla Mills / Molla Mills
PaaPii Design / Anniina Isokangas
Sarita Koivukoski / Sarita Koivukoski

More about Paloni: and

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  1. That Refashioned army jacket by Vietto / Minna Kaartinen. is SOOO nice, like to have one for my future models! :P

    1. Oh wow, thanks a bunch! :)

      Minna / Vietto