Second hand trend - Baroque

I just spent a good three hours browsing through all beaded vintage items in Etsy. Why? Because "baroque" is a huge trend right now BUT I don´t want to buy any beaded or sequined pieces new from fast fashion stores as most are more than likely to have been produced in India or China with child labour... Beading is the kind of technique that does not really happen mechanically, but it has to done by hand even if the label is cheap. Of course with a trend like this adding a huge demand, most labels will produce them the cheapest possible way and that is with cheap labour. 

But thank God for second hand! Etsy is a vintage shoppers paradise and with just 280 pages, 10 000 items I sorted out the gems for you. There is so many cool pieces. Check out my Etsy favorites to see which ones I liked! I guarantee there is something for all price groups (everything between 25-500 dollars), styles and sizes. The first pieces are the cheapest, but with 40-50 dollars you can get a heavily beaded vintage treasure!

Photo: Andrew Yee "Baroque Style" for How to Spend It Magazine

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. omg, your site is amazing, i discover it by accident and i really enjoy.
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  2. I too own a couple of heavy beaded vintage dresses. Browsing for vintage you discover a lot about fashion and new trends and you notice that some designs now in shops are close copies of vintage pieces that's why is so easy to be fashionable buying vintage. There is a lot more demand for vintage (or vintage looking)now that everyone wants to have a personal style and the fashion wheel has got shorter and shorter, I mean a trend from two years ago now can come back for spring there is no need to wait 10 years to see it again.

  3. Love the picture, so intense!