The dress

Helsinki second hand shoppers have probably come across this dress frequently as it has been in Fida shop windows for the past month. I made it for the cover shoot of my Trashion book and it got loads of attention at the President´s Ball in December when I made a similar one for Laura Birn. Fida asked Meri, Winner of Finnish Next Top Model 2012, to pose for them in their in-store advertising campaign. She makes it look amazing. I´m very happy they chose my leather dress to be in it. It is made from eight 80´s mens leather jackets, courtesy of Fida. 

Fida is opening a new shop in Helsinki centre next Monday (7.1.). It will be located just a block from Stockmann at Lönrotinkatu 4. Shop is open 9-19. Welcome!

Photo: Mika Pakarinen
MakeUp: Titta Tervonen
Model: Meri Ikonen
Dress: by me

The rest of the images are from Finnish Next Top Model Fida shoot in Kenya.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. This dress is amazing!
    I'm so curious: how many hours did it take to finish? :)

    1. It took me two evenings (8h) to cut the jackets into strips and about 15h to glue them on the dress. Two fittings. So roughly a week. :)

  2. Wow these pictures are stunning and especially the second and the thid one! Love the beautiful accessoires!!

    Hope you visit me on my blog