Ron Pompei visual merchandising

Eco fashion works. It is the new default, but not only for product. It is the new basic also the way we do business as a philosophy. Ron Pompei is the man behind retail experiences and current concepts for Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters. He does not think of the brands as just a material thing, to him they should have a spiritual side to them to speak to the customer (or participant, as he calls them). He says, "If you want to be commercially successful, you have to be culturally relevant and authentic part in the community. You have to have genuine passion." Even though the brands he has worked with are not eco, he uses the same tools that are a must in eco fashion. They can and should be implemented in the green business as well. Authenticity and experiences are the new black in retail. 

Thanks for the link, Minna. Paloni is all this. ♥

Watch the video and think about how you can use his ideas to grow your (eco or DIY) business and make it even better.

Outi Les Pyy

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