DIY Burberry Prorsum Inspired Zipper jacket

Even though it´s been a few seasons now, the zipper jacket by Burberry Prorsum is still looking good. Many fashion bloggers have done their own version of it and I´m craving to make mine. This project can be done to a number of jackets and blazers, different sizes and lengths, summer blazers to thick winter coats. It´s a DIY fashion classic.

Love Aesthetics DIY zipper jacket:

TextureTexture DIY zipper jacket:

Annabelle Fashion Daily zipper jacket tutorial. It is in German but the pics are good!

Feed Your Style / Fashion Attack video tutorial:

DIY zipper jacket at Antywieszak.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Replies
    1. :D You are very welcome. Such a lovely project you did :D

  2. What a great inspiration to share, thank you! I'm excited to try this.

    Cutting up a normal jacket as is is a good start, but I really love the look of using contrast fabrics (maybe play with textures?) for the bottom zippered portions!

  3. Amaizing! Inspiring! I take it for my jacket! Thanks!

  4. amazing+inspiring!

    i wish you a creative year ahead <3

  5. ok, absolutely in love with this proposal!!