James Long for Topman

"Royal College of Art graduate, James Long, has built his name and reputation doing what all our favorite British designers do best: mixing new ideas with the traditional. Designer of eponymous label, his trademark look is strong, bold, directional menswear, with innovative knits and reworked leather. The latest to be selected by Topshop to share his vision with the mainstream, his Topman capsule collection, seen here, has recently hit the streets. Inspired by Keith Richards, Kurt Cobain and The Sex Pistols, Long has updated classic jumpers with new textures and cool color ways. We can’t think of a more suited designer for the coveted Topshop collab: the perfect mix of boundary pushing with commerciality." 
Amanda Jakubik, via Trendland.

I say shop real 80´s intarsia and mohair knits at second hand stores. They are super trendy right now (who would have thought?!) and one of a kind, as it should be as this Cobain-look is based on uniqueness and flannel shirt styling. 

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Grunge revival? The thing that made grunge was op-shop NOT Topman. Too funny.