DIY inspiration - Givenchy FW11 organza skirt

Givenchy had organza hemmed skirts in their FW2011 collection. I see them as an idea to use for making a short skirt long again. Second hand shop have loads of short skirts that personally I won´t wear anymore. I´m more of an pencil skirt girl and at the tender age of 35 feeling comfortable is really important for me. The organza panel (sewn to the lining hem) would solve a lot of issues. Must try.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Love this! Although I'd appreciate a straight cut more! xx

  2. Totally agree, this style is hot! A great DIY to.
    xx Tanya

  3. A see-through perfection...And a perfect way to give a new life to an old skirt!