Ivory Jar

I´m constantly on the lookout for inspirational people and websites. Ivory Jar is a website that combines both. Their styling is super cool, sort of Mother Nature New Age Spiritualism meets neo punk. I got so many ideas from their shop how to style, stud, dye, and revamp shoes, shirts and knits, how to make cool chain body jewelry and head pieces... Most of the pieces in their shop are custom made, for example all the shorts are vintage Levis. The inspiration is just flowing. Oh, and I need a pink polka cut wig.

Check out their webshopTumblr and Facebook.

All photos via Ivory Jar Tumblr.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. This site looks like my heaven, off to check it out now.
    xx Tanya

  2. The golden and glittered eyebrows fascinate me. Chanel showed some bejeweled ones. I'm thinking it might be a good look for me, as I have gigantic brows! My husband once said they looked like Eddie Munster's (the vampire-looking child from TV's The Munsters - old show), but - he reminded me - he meant it "in a good way"... hmmm.

  3. I haven't been by to see you in a long time, but I'm so glad to see all this inspiring stuff! Hope you're well!!