I´ll be doing a series of trashion events this fall / winter. The first one will be an 1 hour appearance at Kamppi shopping centre in Helsinki for Suomalainen book store. I´ll be there today from 12 pm to 13 pm. Come say hi and talk about trashion! Yesterday I made them a trashion window with some of the clothes I made for the book.

This is going to be a bit hectic still for a while and I do apologize for posting recently about only on stuff for my book. I´ll try to get back to posting about other stuff as well.. soon.

But the good news is that OutsaPop Trashion Facebook page broke today 2500 likes!! 
Super. Thank you and keep them coming in.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. oh ok :) enjoy!


  2. Ostin kirjasi viikonloppuna, See on aivan mahtava! sain todellapaljon ideoita ja ompeluintoa omaan tekemiseeni:) Suuri Kiitos outi, olet aivan mahtava.

  3. Eipä kestä. Upeaa että pidät siitä!! :D

  4. Se oli tosi hyvä, ja mä mietin vain milloin sä teet uuden kirjan??:DD

    1. Herrane. Joko se edellinen on jo luettu läpi?? :D