Café Burdet ♥ Outsapop Trashion competition

Café Burdet ♥ Outsapop Trashion

On Monday aired the 6th episode of Finnish Next Top Model which I dressed the girls in trashion gowns and they modelled for Café Burdet launch in mid town Helsinki. We had a super fun day making this episode. I do love a good cup of coffee (it is the fuel for creativity for me)! 

The importer of Café Burdet, SVS Trading Helsinki, will give out copies of my new Trashion!-book and Café Burdet Especialísimo-coffee, so join in! All you have to do is vote for your favorite trashion look on Facebook! Leave your comment to this picture on Facebook-page by Sunday 14.10.2012. Anyone can enter.

The looks are:
A) Vilma "Leather Love"
B) Meri "All Spikes"
C) Polina "Shanghai Baby"
D) Annika "Acid Arizona"

Good luck!!

Outi Les Pyy

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