Helsinki10 Green Scarf pop-up fashion fleamarket TODAY

Photos: Monna Kosonen

What a better way to spend your Sunday than in stylish company, shopping stylish second hand. There are only a few noteworthy pop-up fashion flea markets in Helsinki. Green Scarf in Helsinki10 is one of them. Helsinki10 is THE coolest fashion store in Helsinki carrying everybody from Rick Owens to Ann Demeulemeester and a carefully picked selection of second hand pieces so if you ever come to Helsinki this is the place to check out. And when Helsinki10 calls up their friends to come over with a few racks of their clothes, people show up. The lines have been pretttty long in previous years so come with time. But it´s so going to be worth it!

Green Scarf / Helsinki10
From 11-18
Eerikinkatu 3, Helsinki


Outi Les Pyy

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