SS12 DIY trend - Isabel Marant fabric yarn knitwear

Isabel Marant SS2012 1

Fabric/jersey yarn are a familiar material to recycle crafters. Back in the 70´s My grandmother used to cut up old house textiles (bed sheets, curtains, table cloths), tees, jeans and other clothes to finger width strips/yarn and made them to floor rugs. The reason why I´m posting about this is not to get you guys into making rugs, but to have a look at some SS12 catwalk inspiration for making clothes. One of my favorite designers, Isabel Marant, has taken this crfty recycling technique and embended it to her upcoming summer collection. It looks amazing and very comfortable to wear. Click the images to go to my Flickr to see the details in high res images. Craft Passion has a great tutorial on how fabrics and clothes are cut to strips and made to yarn. You can also buy balls of fabric yarn online from Etsy. Silk and leather garments make exellent material for making high quality fabric yarn, kimonos and leather jackets for example. One piece of clothing does not come up with so many metres of yearn so when starting supply yourself with several garments with a similar colors so you can mix them up. You can also try dyeing the pieces before cutting them to strips to harmonise the color story.

Isabel Marant SS2012 7 Isabel Marant SS2012 3 Isabel Marant SS2012 22 Isabel Marant SS2012 10

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. The looks are great but it sounds hard to make! Maybe I will try it

  2. I´m so sorry!!! I accidently deleted a bunch of comments this morning (I´m so not a morning person). I feel awful about it. It seems Blogger does not have "a comment deleting undo-button"...

  3. Hi Outi, I came back to see if you had responded--I think my comment might have gotten deleted! I wanted to say that I LOVE this technique and I made a few pieces this spring using hand-dyed t-shirts cut into yarn:

    Outsapop is one of my favorite blogs; I rarely comment but I check every day for new posts! :)