Nurave club kid couture - Tata Christiane

tata christiane 14

Tata Christiane combines couture shapes, recycled materials (second hand knitwear, scarfs, party clothes and leather) and knittting techniques in their clothes. The result is what I´d best describe as nurave club kid couture. Comfortable explosion of color and form.

Photographer: Valquire Veljkovic (
Model: Alina Basakova
Make-up and Hair artist: Theo Schnürer (

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Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I´m so sorry!!! I accidently deleted a bunch of comments this morning (I´m so not a morning person). I feel awful about it. It seems Blogger does not have "a comment deleting undo-button"...

  2. I love the last jacket with a knitting back

  3. Outsa, mistä mä saan tollaiset maxipuikot jolla voi kutoa todella paksuja resoreja ja isoja jumppereita?

    Nasta blogi :)

  4. Kiitos! Neulominen ei ole mun erikoisaluetta, mutta muistaakseni helsinkiläiset lankakaupat myyvät jopa sormenpaksuisia puikkoja. Katsasta myös kirpputorit, Fidassa ole niitä ainakin nähnyt. :)