I heart Varusteleka

Varusteleka korsettiasu

I love altered menswear and especially altered army surplus. Varusteleka is one of my favorite places to shop secondhand and I find it to be exellent material for refashioning projects as old army gear usually is made from high quality materials.. Varusteleka recently launched a new site called Lekalooks which shows how the average Joe and Jane wears army surplus in everyday life. I was delighted to be asked to share some of my favorite outfits from army surplus. Against the common believe, traditional menswear can be worn in the most feminine ways, like for example these WW2 shoe leggins. Bind them together and you´ll have an instant canvas corset!

Outfit: Shirt - used german BW service shirt customized, Varusteleka
Corset - used US M-1938 leggings customized, Varusteleka
Necklace - US dog tags with custom text, Varusteleka
Skirt - second hand
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell "Lita"

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Fantastic as always <3

    This is slightly off-topic, but about Jeffrey Campbell -shoes - Do you think are they worth investing? I haven't bougt new shoes in years, and now i think it's time to invest on something, but I want my heels comfortable (well, I'm used to wearing high heels, but there are differencies..)

  2. I made this corset some years ago - it's made form US repro spats too =)

  3. When I first saw Jeffrey Cambells Lita´s a year ago, I thought these shoes will be a classic. And they are (now) which made me buy them because I want to have things in my wardrobe that I can wear for many seasons. Slow fashion :) These also turned out to be fabulous and very confortable to wear so I can warmly recommend them to anyone willing to invest in a good pair.