Masses by Jlinsnider

JLINSNIDER Crystal Chain Dress at Spanish Moss 2

When a body harness made from different kinds of jewelry chains has enough mass, it does not matter anymore what you wear (as shown also in the previous post). Everything just looks good. A must DIY for fall. Collect similar colored jewelry chains from fleamarkets and thrift shops to make one big bang. Check out my previous posts on how to make a body harness!

This beauty is by JLINSNIDER at Spanish Moss, made from 100% upcycled materials. Their jewelry collection is also available in Etsy!!

JLINSNIDER Crystal Chain Dress at Spanish Moss 1
JLINSNIDER Crystal Chain Dress at Spanish Moss 3
JLINSNIDER chain harness 7.jpg_effected-001
JLINSNIDER chain harness 5.jpg_effected-001
JLINSNIDER chain harness 4.jpg_effected-001

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. this is great! i am actually in love with you blog. i like go through it every day and it always gives me inspiration. thank you so much!

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