Weapon of choice

Regina Feoktistov by David Roemer Marie Claire Spain July 2011

I always love to look at pictures of my mom in the 70´s. In one of the pictures she is hanging out at the beach in her selfmade crocheted bikini. She looked (and still does!) gorgeous. Crocheted bikinis and swimsuits are a hippie classic and they look amazing also worn with jeans and shorts off-beach. Etsy has a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Or you can DIY one yourself. I cannot crochet or knit at all so my weapon of choice would be to cut the pieces from crocheted table cloths, like in the top picture. Sew a fabric underneath from skincolored underwear slip so it will not be so see through and use 2-3 old narrow leather belts as attachements. Remember to put elastis bands at each end of the belts to make the piece more fitted. Crocheted pieces should always be very tight when you make or buy them as the tend to stretch a bit.

Crocheted swimsuits bikinis Etsy

Top photo:
Regina Feoktistov by David Roemer
Marie Claire Spain July 2011
via thefashionspot

Etsy crocheted bikinis and swimsuits:

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I love the red one, but i dont think i could make it!



  2. I found this brand and thought of you as its sustainable and ethical bridal wear: http://www.tammam.co.uk/

    It looks beautiful its just a shame the pictures are to small and therefore to hard to see the actual garments.