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fedora hat shiffon shirt

I recently cut up two pairs of leather pants to shorts. Now I have the legs still left and unused. I´m sure they would serve me well if I made them to a leather shopping tote. The smiley stamp will be a different story. My leather is so soft that regular leather carving or tooling mathods propably will not work. I´m sure the only way is to stamp or press it on, but where do I get a smiley stamp that size.. Anywayz.

smiley leather tote

Big styling trends at the moment:
  • 90´s platform shoes
  • fringed clothes and accessories
  • shiffon shirts
  • fedora hats
  • natural crystal necklaces
  • navajo / native american prints
  • fringes secondhand band tees
  • caftans and ponchos
  • head jewelry

Look these up at Etsy, Nasty Gal vintage and Spanish Moss Vintage.

90s platform shoes

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I agree Ive been wanting to make a black shopper! Let me know how yours turns out! Doing a blog giveaway with a couple of sterling silver stone rings! will be adding crystal necklaces (lemurian seed) soon! Enter if you're interested!