The Give + Take Swap Boutique


Give + Take Swap Boutique must have the most genious clothing recycling concept I´ve heard of so far! You can read more about their point swapping system below. Maybe Humana (UFF) and other similar textile recycling organizations should give this a serious thought and set up similar boutique styled shops in central locations. Via Ecouterre.

"You know that fabulous pair of jeans that you’re holding onto even though they’re a little too tight? Imagine being able to swap them for another equally amazing pair without coughing up cent. That’s the concept behind the Los Angeles-based Give + Take Swap Boutique, a first-of-its-kind clothing store that allows you to swap your designer duds with anything on its racks—gratis. All you have to do is pay a monthly fee of $25 and you can exchange as many clothes, accessories, and shoes as your heart desires. In other words, give up that adorable dress that you never wear and you could snag a great bag of equal or lesser value in return.

Dora Copperthite stated Give + Take as an alternative to conventional consignment boutiques, where she was tired of getting back half of the cash she spent on her gently worn designer items. “I was looking for an easy, fun, and financially smart way to clean out my closet and get something in return,” she says.

Clothing is assigned a number of points depending on its retail price, its condition, and desirability.

Give + Take’s swapping strategy works on a point system. Clothing is assigned a number of points depending on its retail price, its condition, and desirability. For instance, a dress that’s worth $150 will get you 150 points to shop with. Hunting down an item that falls within your “budget” is easy, as well. The store’s 1,500-plus pieces, which cover everything from masstige to couture, are divided into three rooms according to price. For ladies looking to look good for almost nothing in L.A., Give + Take is a great way to keep clothes out of the landfill while dressing to impress."


Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Amazing! :)
    Thank you for sharing this. This is something I am doing offline with my friends as well.
    We also go arround vintage and yard sales sometimes and get stuff with each other in mind for not much money and bring it all to our little "Gossip & swap party" :)

    La Kat

  2. Oh, this sounds so great! I'm already waiting for something like this to Finland (maybe not going to happen?).

  3. You can already swap clothes in Finland on The idea is similar but on the internet: it's swapping an item for an item, and no money is involved. Although, it's for any clothes and accessories, not just designer brands.